2022/7/21-23: The Fifth Taiwan Metaphysics Colloquium (TMC-V): Agency and Freedom

星期四, 七月 21, 2022 (全日) - 星期六, 七月 23, 2022 (全日)
The Fifth Taiwan Metaphysics Colloquium (TMC-V)
Agency and Freedom: Individual and Collective

Date: 2022/7/21-23
Time: 17:00-21:00 (Taiwan, GMT+8)
Schedule: https://www.lmpsttw.org/ch/events/5thtmc-schedule-721-723

The Taiwan Metaphysics Colloquium series (TMCs) is one of the most noted international philosophy conference series in Taiwan. It was previously hosted by the Department of Philosophy at National Taiwan University and now by the Taiwan Association for Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology (LMPST Taiwan). This series is held biennially and aims to provide a platform for dialogues amongst researchers working on various contemporary metaphysical issues. In previous years, the conferences under the series have invited many renowned local and international scholars, including David Charles, Max J. Cresswell, Dorothy Edgington, Pascal Engel, Hartry Field, Robert Goldblatt, Alan Hayek, Jennifer Hornsby, Hiroakira Ono, and Daniel Stoljar. Following the conference series, multiple international anthologies have been published, including a Logic in Asia (LIAA) book series (Springer) and a special issue of Synthese.

The Fifth Taiwan Metaphysics Colloquium (TMC-V) is titled ‘Agency and Freedom: Individual and Collective’, and is themed around the topic of social ontology. The interest in social ontology among metaphysicians has grown significantly in recent years. However, the term ‘social ontology’ covers several different issues. Some social ontologists intend to properly characterize the notion of a collective agent and analyze how collective agents come to have intentionality and how they make decisions. Some other social ontologists focus on the construction of social kinds, such as gender and race, and discuss the consequences of using certain concepts. These two kinds of research look distinct but may be substantially highly relevant, hence the current title of the conference. Taking the discussion of individual and collective agencies as the starting point, we intend to reflect on some related metaphysical problems and extend the discussion to notions in social ontology, such as group agency, social choice and the construction of social kinds. By doing so, we hope to connect the two groups of social ontologists, view the problems from different perspectives and gain an integrated understanding of the core issues.

Keynote speaker:
Christian List (Munich Center for Mathematical Philosophy, LMU Munich)

Invited speakers:
Theodore Bach (Bowling Green)
Lok-Chi Chan 陳樂知 (National Taiwan University)
Hsiang-Yun Chen 陳湘韻 (Academia Sinica)
Duen-Min Deng 鄧敦民 (National Taiwan University)
Peter Finocchiaro (Wuhan University)
Katharine Jenkins (University of Glasgow)
E. Díaz León (University of Barcelona)
Asya Passinsky (Central European University)
Paul-Mikhail Catapang Podosky (Macquarie University)
David Strohmaier (University of Cambridge)
Linton Wang 王一奇 (National Chung Cheng University)
Tung-Ying Wu 吳東穎 (Chinese Academy of Sciences)

Ko-Hung Kuan官科宏 (Academia Sinica): kuankeh@gmail.com
Hsiang-Yun Chen 陳湘韻 (Academia Sinica): hsiangyun@gate.sinica.edu.tw

The Taiwan Association for Logic, Methodology and Philosophy of Science and Technology (LMPST Taiwan)
Collaborative partners:
IEAS, Academia Sinica
Department of Philosophy, National Taiwan University
Shun Yih Co., Ltd.